Can I change My Exterior Material and Locations?

All items outside of the standard specifications &/or addendum items are considered an upgrade. Upgraded items are priced individually and documented on a change-order. Customers must approve the change-orders by signature prior to any upgrades proceeding. Please note that some change-orders are time sensitive and may delay possession if not confirmed in a timely manner. Ie: tiled showers, gas fireplace.

Can I move an interior wall?

Any framing changes must be priced and approved prior to the start of framing. Framing changes can affect the build timeline and are very time sensitive.

What kind of cabinetry do I get?

Cabinet details are outlined in the specifications included in the contract at the time of signing.
Cabinets are based on a lineal footage allowance. Your designer will guide you on what is included and what would be considered an upgrade during the selection process.

How many light fixtures do I get?

Pot light allowances are noted in the specifications attached to the contract, as well as a fixtures allowance budget. Designers will have a standard lighting layout based on your contact specs provided at your initial meeting. Changes can be made and possible upgrades determined at the selection stage. Type of rough-in (pot light vs pendant) needs to be determined at the initial meeting for proper rough-in installation. Style of fixture can be chosen at a later date.

Can I change my exterior material and locations?

Material allowance is noted in the specifications attached in the contract. Locations of materials,
however, can be revised. The elevation attached to the contract is a suggested location for the allowed material. Changes & locations can be modified in the initial meeting, however, adding materials such as stone, metal siding, etc., will be an upgrade, if not already included in the contract.

Is there any limit to what I can upgrade?

The sky is the limit when it comes to upgrade options. Your designer will suggest upgrades that they feel best suits your needs and budget or are most common. Your designer is here to guide you, but can’t predict every upgrade you might be interested in. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to ask!

When am I no longer able to make a change?

We, as the builder, reserve the right to decline any changes depending on the time of the request based on the stage of the build. Once a stage of the build is completed, its very costly, not only in money, but in time, at the customer’s expense.