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J&G Client Satisfaction Survey

At what stage of build did you purchase the home?(Required)
Who did you use for purchase of your home?(Required)

If purchasing through a J&G Homes Realtor representative how would you rate your experience?
Did you add upgrades at the time of your contract?
My initial designer meeting was scheduled _______ weeks from signing my contract?
Did the designer present the customer binder to you going through each section in depth?
The designer answered my phone calls and emails within 48 hours of me reaching out?
My change orders were priced and returned to me within 10 days of requesting the change?
Was the site clean if and when you visited throughout construction?
When the Warranty Administrator completed your walk through did they review the following items with you? Please select all that apply.
How would you rate the friendliness and helpfulness of the J&G staff?
How would you rate the overall quality of your home on day of possession, not withstanding any seasonal items to be completed?
How likely are you to recommend J&G Homes to friends and family?