Our wellness mission:  For our employees to understand the positive impact of investing in a healthy lifestyle and experience the benefits in both their work and personal lives. 

As Human Resource Managers our job is to do just as our title explains: Manage the resources of our human capital. Every day we tap into the resources of our staff and it is our job to ensure we renew and replenish this exhaustible resource. At Jacobson & Greiner Group we understand the importance of keeping our best asset, our people, healthy and engaged.

We foster a working environment that our staff can enjoy coming to each day; where they can find positivity and build relationships. We feel that by encouraging physical and mental wellness we are setting the stage for a work place that offers engagement, creativity and of course some fun.

It is with this mentality that we introduced the J&G Healthy Lifestyles Program. The program was introduced in May of 2014 and so far we have held wellness clinics on site, yoga classes, a variety of presentations, and attended the Relay For Life, to name a few.

We have many more events and programs to come, offering not just physical wellness but spending some time on mental, financial, work life and relationship wellness as well. Needless to say the program is off to a fantastic start and I am so excited to see it grow and develop into something meaningful for all of our staff members and their families.


-Lyndsay Gillon, BBA

Human Resource Manager for Jacobson & Greiner Group of Companies